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"We are by nature all as one, all alike, if you see us naked..."

John Burton


The relationship we humans have with our bodies is a strange one; it seems to shift precariously between fascination and loathing. We know the body is the seat of life just as the spirit is the spark of life, and yet a great many of us can't come to terms with it.

 Naked Spirit seeks to find the way back to the Garden, so to speak -- to a place where the body and the spirit are recognized as having a kind of identity. The only way for this to be possible is through acceptance of who and what we are. If we can't accept our bodies in their totality we can't accept ourselves, and we will remain divided and mired in spiritual conflict.

 three graces 
Our nakedness compels us to deal with our nature and the forces which shape us and carry us along through our lives

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